Ribbon Cutting

President Roderick J. McDavis cuts the ceremonial ribbon to the Eastern Campus' new Learning Commons with the campus' representatives and dignitaries.

Photographer: Linda Lockhart

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New Learning Commons on Eastern Campus holds grand opening

Students returning to the Eastern Campus this fall have met with a pleasant change when they enter the library; the newly renovated space now includes an open and welcoming learning commons. Students were among the attendees taking advantage of computers and grouped seating areas on Thursday when the official ribbon cutting commemorated the grand opening.

President Roderick J. McDavis, Eastern Campus Dean Rich Greenlee, Executive Dean of Regional Higher Education Dan Evans, Coordinating Council Chair Jerry Narcisi, Faculty Chair David Castle and Head Librarian Donna Capezzuto* each spoke briefly about the significance of the renovations .

“This ceremony signifies the central role that libraries hold in learning” McDavis said, recalling how times have changed since “the first thing you heard when you walked into the library was shhhhh.”

“Libraries have become vibrant places, places where you come to learn, and places where you come to connect,” he said, encouraging students to “take advantage of the great learning opportunities this library and this campus now provides to you.”

About one-half of the attendees were students. Speaking directly to them, Narcisi provided a personal example.

“Ohio University Eastern was a springboard for me,” said Narcisi, who began his education at Eastern in 1967.  “The Eastern Campus provided me the opportunity to attend a high quality university at an affordable cost. I hope that you will take full advantage of this great facility.  Eastern can be a springboard for you too.”

The new space includes an open commons area, complete with the latest computer technology and comfortable seating; private rooms for quiet study and test taking; and group gathering areas. Castle said the goal of the planning group was to create an environment that would be open and inviting. 

“Based on what we have witnessed during the first month of school, I believe that we have accomplished the goal,” Castle said.

Concluding the ceremony, Capezzuto was introduced by Greenlee, who announced that she had recently been promoted to head librarian. She has been a part of the Eastern library for nine years. Greenlee took great pride in the new space and looks forward to the positive impact it will have on the campus community.

“For me, this refurbished library is the heart and soul of all that we do in promoting a student centered learning environment,” Greenlee said. “After several years of planning, it has come to fruition.”

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