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Campus community members discuss strategic direction for the new academic year

Members of the Ohio University Chillicothe campus (OU-C) community discussed the campus’ strategic direction during the campus’ recent annual planning session. Approximately 45 individuals participated in the session at the Christopher Inn.

Those in attendance include OU-C students, faculty members, staff members and Regional Coordinating Council members.

"I am very pleased with the outcome of the strategic planning session and the active participation of those in attendance," OU-C Dean Martin Tuck said. "More than a monologue, I looked for the session to serve as a dialogue with an exchange of ideas. The format was designed to encourage individuals to share their perspectives, and it was very successful in that regard, with many valuable suggestions being put forward."

"As campus dean, I am focused on bringing together individuals with various perspectives and talents toward the common goal of offering our students an exceptional educational experience. This type of endeavor sets the tone by engaging individuals throughout campus and in the community," Tuck said. "I am confident we are setting a positive tone for the upcoming academic year."

Faculty member Tom Brown shared a study that the marketing committee has drafted; smaller groups engaged in breakout sessions; interim Executive Dean of Regional Higher Education Jim Fonseca shared his thoughts; and Tuck closed the proceedings by sharing his early perceptions of campus and goals for the 2011-12 academic year.

As Brown explained, the marketing study is designed so that campus decisions can continue to be made in a thoughtful manner, while aligning the campus’ core values and competencies with the needs of OU-C’s service area.

Fonseca spoke to the impactful nature of regional higher education, and said, "Remember that we are here for our students and to help them by giving them an opportunity to change their lives. Many of our students are first-generation college students, and I hope we can make a difference in impacting the quality of their lives."

In his closing remarks, "How I spent my summer; Thoughts from the dean," Tuck took stock of the campus’ strengths, upcoming challenges and other developments.

Among OU-C’s strengths that he highlighted are:

  • Strong enrollment

  • Sound finances

  • Excellent facilities

  • Quality/dedicated faculty and staff members

  • Excellent reputation with the community

  • Academic programs that connect with and benefit the student population within the region

  • Clear mission of serving regional students and the region itself

Among challenges for the upcoming academic year:

  • Replacement of faculty and staff members within the framework of university hiring restrictions

  • The university’s quarters to semesters conversion for fall 2012

  • Implementation of the PeopleSoft Student Information system software

  • Campus training for the BobcatBuy purchasing system

  • Maintaining the campus’ record high enrollment

In moving forward, Tuck emphasized the importance of having a data driven strategic approach to decision-making so that the Chillicothe campus is most effective in fulfilling its mission of serving its students and serving the region.

"As we look into the future, we need to look at what other academic programs best fit into OU-C’s mission and strengths, be of interest to our students and have employment opportunities," Tuck said.