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Vision OHIO accountability reports posted online

At the end of last academic year, planning units that received FY 2010 Vision OHIO investments provided accountability reports on their expenditures to the Vision OHIO Steering Committee. 

Each unit was asked to answer the following questions and provide documentation on the university contributions made through the investment funds allotted to them. 

1.    What has been accomplished as a result of the investment made in your unit?

2.    In what ways will the university community benefit from or see the results of the investment made in your unit?

3.    How have you assessed the effectiveness of your program or project? What were the results of your assessment?

4.    Have you encountered impediments in making progress on your program or project?

The committee, chaired by Executive Vice Provost David Descutner, reviewed the planning unit submissions in May and June. All of the accountability reports were approved.

A list of the FY 2010 Vision OHIO investments along with the accountability reports can be found on the Executive Vice President and Provost website. Oak ID and password are required to view
the accountability reports.