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Executive Vice President and Provost Benoit begins blog

Blog will be informal communication tool

Executive Vice President and Provost Pam Benoit is experimenting with a blog in fall quarter. The goal of the blog is to provide a more informal means of communication for Benoit and her office.

Benoit noted that while she has the opportunity to communicate informally with smaller groups, most of the other communication venues at her disposal tend to be formal in nature. 

“I’m looking for a way to generate some of those wonderful spontaneous conversations that take place about all things academic,” said Benoit.

Blogging is something new for Benoit. 

“I’ve never blogged before, but I do read blogs and I’m intrigued by the communication possibilities that they present,” said Benoit. “These days there are so many interesting issues and ideas connected to higher education. I hope that the blog will provide the chance to explore them with the university community.”

Following the lead of Kent Smith, vice president for student affairs, Benoit also will use the blog to replace the monthly EVPP emails sent to students.

“Each month during the academic year, I have been sending out an e-mail message to students as has the president, the vice president for student affairs, and the president of student senate,” said Benoit. “But we know that this generation of students doesn’t use email as heavily. Vice President Smith and I hope that using blog posts will be a more effective means of communicating with students.”

While Benoit herself will post on the blog, she will ask other members of her staff to contribute. 

“There is a lot going on in EVPP and providing my colleagues the opportunity to share some of their thoughts on particular topics could generate some useful discussions,” said Benoit. 

The blog, http://evppbenoit.wordpress.com, will be moderated and edited by Ann Fidler executive associate provost and chief of staff for EVPP. Benoit plans to review the effectiveness of the blog as a communication tool at the end of the quarter.