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Physics and Astronomy promotional mini-movies to be screened at UK International Film Festival

Collaborative video adds to student job preparation

The Ohio University Department of Physics and Astronomy YouTube mini-movies called "Why Physics?" will be screened at 10:15 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 10, at the Heart of England International Film Festival and International Youth Film Festival in Tamworth, England. The festival runs Sept. 4-11.   

The series comprises eight 60-second movies made for YouTube that serve as a promotional tool to highlight the benefits of studying physics and astronomy at OHIO. The movies can be viewed by clicking here

The series is a collaboration of the Department of Physics and Astronomy and video production students in the Scripps College of Communication School of Media Arts and Studies.

Physics and Astronomy Special Projects Assistant and filmmaker Jean Andrews submitted the series to the film festival for screening in an international arena to highlight the snapshot interviews of students in Physics and Astronomy describing why they study their subjects and what they like about OHIO. 

Media Arts and Studies student editor Joseph Kell sees the festival acceptance as an example of the kind of "hands on" practical experience he received while at OHIO. He said it even helped him land a job.  

"Editing these YouTube movies was a stand-out college experience for me, and the skills I picked up working on this project proved incredibly useful in my job search," Kell said. "It was a big talking point in my meeting in New York at NBC where I just landed a position as an editor/motion graphics artist."

The Heart of England International Film Festival and International Youth Film Festival is for filmmakers, video artists and those working with the moving image from all over the world. Its mission is to provide a worldwide public forum for independent and experimental filmmakers and to offer educational outreach.