Malinski (right) receives Doctor Honoris Causa award in Poland

Photo courtesy of: Tadeusz Malinski


Honoris Causa Doctoris

Photo courtesy of: Tadeusz Malinski

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Tadeusz Malinski receives prestigious international award

Professor accepts Doctor Honoris Causa award in native Poland

Tadeusz Malinski, chair of the Ohio University Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, recently received the Doctor Honoris Causa award at Poznan University of Technology* in Poznan, Poland. 

Malinski, a native of Poland, was awarded this prestigious international honor for his contributions to biomedical engineering. During the ceremony, he presented a lecture titled, "Engineering the Heart," in which he discussed his findings in and the role of nanotechnology in the functioning of the artificial heart. He also talked about the use of small devices to look into living systems for diagnostic purposes and to find new methods of treatment. 

"These days the artificial heart lasts just a few hours or a few days," Malinski said. "We want to understand why the artificial heart cannot last longer."

For more than 200 years, the Doctor Honoris Causa has been awarded by European universities honoring scientific and intellectual achievements – mostly to renowned professors of excellence. The application process for the award is complex in that it requires numerous recommendations and an application process that lasts a few years by three universities other than the one handing out the award.

"The award ceremony was a very special and unusual event," Malinski said. "It was attended by hundreds of people, including world-renowned professors."

The award ceremony was presented almost entirely in Latin, as was the diploma Malinski received in recognition of the award. He also received an award for his research for the benefits of humanity. 

"Because of the very special recognition for my research, which was done here (Ohio University), it is important to be recognized by peers and people in science," Malinski said. "The implication of this award is that the research will benefit society, and I am pretty proud that I did it here at OHIO."

Malinski also serves as the Marvin & Ann Dilley White Distinguished Professor of Biomedical Sciences at Ohio University. He is a prominent scientist and inventor who is internationally known for his
significant contributions to biomedicine, and his groundbreaking discoveries pertaining to the human heart and the early diagnosis of cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases.

The Doctor Honoris Causa award is one of about 25 other prestigious awards and distinctions* Malinski has received during his stellar career.

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