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Class lists are available now and other updates

On Monday, Ohio University Registrar Debra Benton sent an e-mail to all OHIO faculty and staff regarding class lists and other updates.

Dear Faculty and Staff,

We sincerely appreciate your continued patience as Class Lists have not been available for Summer classes.

You may now access class lists for students enrolled in your classes for summer or fall quarters.  You may access your class lists by going to the Registrar's homepage: and then clicking on Faculty Class Lists under Online Services for Faculty & Staff in the left column.

All faculty who are listed as instructors of record will automatically have access to class lists for their classes.  All department chairs and school directors have been given access to class lists for their departments/schools. If there is a another staff person in a department, school, or regional campus who needs access to class lists, the department chair/school director/regional campus dean should send an e-mail to Brenda Dorst requesting access be granted to the staff person.  In the e-mail please include the staff person name, OHIO ID (Oak ID), and department/school/campus.

Class lists are updated in real-time and enable you to e-mail the students in your class or all students in all your classes. Photos are not currently available, but will be made available later.

Blackboard: Currently Blackboard continues to include students who may have dropped the class.  We are working to resolve this as quickly as possible.

Textbook information in course offerings: Course Offerings currently does not include textbook information for summer or fall. Please use Class Lists to e-mail textbook information to your students. Textbook information is being sent to the bookstores, but is not available to students to find their required textbooks for classes.  We are currently working on making the textbook information available in Course Offerings.

We appreciate your continued patience.

Best regards,

Debra Benton
University Registrar