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First Managerial Essentials training session is Friday

Program enhances managerial and leadership skills

Help is on the way for Ohio University managers and supervisors who want to improve their skills.

The Human Resources Department (UHR) will host the Managerial Essentials Program, which begins July 22 and ends in June 2012.

The training sessions examine leadership from an operational perspective, while enhancing managerial skills. They target one management issue per session and are intended to deliver practical, "nuts and bolts" information that managers need to respond quickly and efficiently.

Program Co-Coordinator Teri Combs said Managerial Essentials has a rolling enrollment with new cohort members starting on a regular basis. She added that program introduction and initial assessment is in July, so this is a great time to start with a small and consistent group.

"The program is doing good things with networking and resources throughout the campus," Combs said. "It develops participants' skills, knowledge and attitude and helps them fulfill their roles as a manager, supervisor and role model. We continue to develop and improve it and I hope we can get another great mix of attendees for this next round."
The total cost of the 12-session program is $350, but UHR will work with departments on a pro-rated basis for individual session costs. Sponsoring departments will receive a $50 refund for each of their participants who complete 10 or more sessions. Program completion will result in a Managerial Essentials Certificate of Completion.

Due to limited capacity in each workshop, nominations are required for program participation. Nominations may be submitted by supervisors or aspiring participants with supervisor approval.

The program will kick off with an interactive session designed to help you better understand your individual strengths and weaknesses and how they impact your management style. Session topics include:

•    Communication
•    Difficult Conversations
•    Finance & Budget
•    Project Management
•    Building and Maintaining Your Team
•    Employment Performance and Law
•    Customer Service Excellence
•    Diversity & Workplace Climate
•    Strategic Planning and Change Management
•    Conflict Management

After completing the program, graduates are eligible to attend free monthly lunch and learn sessions as an extension of their managerial and leadership development. These sessions include small group discussion, webinars, lecturettes, min-presentation, hot topics and group discussions to name a few.

For more information, please visit the Human Resources website or contact Brent Patterson at pattersj@ohio.edu or Teri Combs at combst@ohio.edu. To access an application form, click here.