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First Demand Response Test a success

Executive Director of Facilities Management Mike Gebeke said the first Demand Response Test on June 14 was a big success.

The test led to a reduction in energy use of 850,000 watts (850kw) of power, which was equal to about 212 average homes electric usage for one hour. 
"That’s not bad for the first attempt," Gebeke said. "This test was instrumental in finding out how we would react to a reduction notice. We did not include air handlers or chillers, but in the second test on June 23, we will include all University equipment." 

Despite the success of the first test, Gebeke said he wants the campus community to react differently during the next test. 

"Our graph shows a marked reduction in energy usage by the campus, because many people started reducing power at noon and continued for the rest of the day," Gebeke said. "We would like everyone to use power normally until 2:30 p.m. and then implement the reductions that were discovered during this test. The measurement is very important during the second test."

Facilities Management will send out a reminder to the campus community before the second test and is looking forward to increased participation.

"After the second test, we will be able to let the campus know how much the energy savings is worth in the Demand Response Program."

For more information about the program, click here.