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Important advising information for fall priority registration

On Friday, Ohio University Registrar Debra Benton sent a message to all OHIO faculty and staff regarding advising for fall.

Dear Faculty and Staff:

On April 12, I sent an e-mail message (http://www.ohio.edu/compass/stories/10-11/4/advising-policy-changes-2011.cfm) to you outlining some changes related to advising students for fall quarter priority registration.  I want to remind you of those changes and update you on the status of the tools you will use as part of fall advising and priority registration.

DARS changes

The following items will no longer appear on DARS:

  • RACs (registration access codes)

  • Enrollment appointment (registration access) times

  • Holds

Enrollment appointments and holds will be available to advisors and their delegates through the new Advisee Lists tool.  Students will view these items through My OHIO Student Center.  RACs are not used in the new system.

Please note that DARS do not currently include summer registrations.

Advising changes

In place of a RAC, all undergraduate students will have a priority registration advising hold placed on their accounts.  Undergraduate students will be unable to register until their advisors or their delegates release these priority registration advising holds using the new Advisee Lists tool. 

The Advisee Lists tool will be available shortly.  I will send you an e-mail message when it is.  In the meantime, annotated screen shots are available at www.ohio.edu/oit/rufus/advisee-lists-tool-preview.cfm if you would like a preview of the tool.

If you meet with advisees before the new tool becomes available, please keep a list of those advisees.  You will need to release their priority registration advising holds once the tool is available.

All advisors will automatically have access to the Advisee Lists tool for their advisees. 

The tool also supports expanded access for those who have the authority to release a priority registration hold on behalf of an advisor.  If you need access to students not specifically assigned to you, then you will be given that access once you have completed the Request for Access to PeopleSoft form (http://www.ohio.edu/oit/rufus/how-to-request-access.cfm).  If you have already completed and submitted this form, then you will have access when the tool becomes available.

Course Offerings, Class Lists, Textbook, and Fall Priority Registration

  • We expect the Fall Course Offerings to be available by Monday, May 9.

  • Faculty Class Lists will be available later this quarter, before the opening of summer.

  • Priority registration is scheduled to open on Monday, May 16. 

  • Textbook currently is scheduled to be available some time later this quarter.

I will send an update regarding system availability on Wednesday, May 11.
We appreciate your patience as we work to make the new systems available.

Debra Benton
University Registrar