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Semester course offerings schedule being created early to assure smooth transition

With all curriculum now approved in semester format, the scheduling time patterns set, and the creation of a draft classroom and laboratory scheduling policy, the Q2S Transition Office will now turn to academic units for assistance in developing a prototype semester schedule of Athens campus classes for fall 2012.

The first semester schedule is being created early to allow the Q2S Transition Office to run simulations using the completed schedule data. The expectation is that none of the data submitted by academic units for the prototype will need to be reentered into the system.   Tests of the prototype are being done to help ensure that any adjustments in space utilization and student schedules can be made well in advance of the launch of semesters.

“Having the fall 2012 schedule completed now will help us identify areas that may need additional work,” Jeff Giesey, Q2S Transition Office co-director, said. “For example, with this preliminary schedule, we will be able to detect potential problems such as shortage of a certain sized classroom at a particular time or a time conflict between two courses that students are supposed to be taking during the same semester. We can then take corrective actions long before students are trying to schedule their classes.”
“The schedule data that is entered in the next few weeks will be the actual data we use for the fall 2012 schedule,” he added. “A few adjustments or revisions may be made, depending on what the simulations indicate, but if the information received from units is as accurate as possible the fall 2012 schedule should not need to be extensively revisited.”

Classroom scheduling will be guided by a new draft classroom and laboratory scheduling policy. The policy will be followed in its draft form for fall semester 2012. If areas for improvement are identified, the policy will be adjusted before it is finalized. The entire policy can be viewed at the Q2S Web site.

Academic units may begin internal planning of their schedules immediately. The Office of the University Registrar will notify units when the data entry system is available for entering scheduling information. The fall 2012 schedule will not be available for students until next year, after all tests have been completed and any identified issues resolved.

Questions about the draft policy or planned simulations can be directed to the Q2S Transition Office at q2s@ohio.edu.