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Aaron Krumheuer

Aaron Krumheuer

Photographer: Kevin Riddell

Krumheuer's band

OHIO junior journalism major Aaron Krumheuer (drums) performs with his band.

Photo courtesy of: Aaron Krumheuer

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'Cat Counsel: Make your passion a habit

OHIO junior rediscovers creative passion

When I first came to college, I was buzzing with excitement for my new little world. I loved my new friends, new interests and challenging classes. But I was feeling ungrounded, off-track. There was something I was missing. It was the sastisfaction of staying creative, something I took for granted before getting here.

School has a funny way of separating our lives into BEFORE college and AFTER. A boatload of work falls onto you, and suddenly you're so caught up in the balance between hanging out with friends and studying that there seems to be time for little else.

The point is, don't neglect your hobbies and passions after getting established in school.

We only have so much free time as students. I agree wholeheartedly that it's important to have weekend fun and meet new people. But we also need to make time to take part in the things that make us unique. It might be something extracurricular, something creative and crafty or just whatever feels right.

Throughout grade school, I was drawn toward music. Art and the school band were the best times of the day, and I met a lot of my good friends sitting in the cafeteria sharing music. Some of us started jamming together, moving through countless combinations of members before getting a band together in 8th grade.

The most fun I ever had back then was playing shows in friends' basements and garages, in rented Knights of Columbus halls and Masonic temples. Listening to music, seeing and playing it. As high school progressed and we finally got our licenses, we recorded albums and played out of town. But the momentum of senior year and the college search began. Music had to take a backseat, and I thought I'd be too busy to pick it back up. Then I forgot about it.

It took me two years at Ohio University before I finally got my act together and started playing again. I picked up my drumsticks and joined a band, then another. I now have a great time twice every week writing songs and practicing. We play uptown venues as well as friends' basements, just like back in high school. I needed it, and I learned that some things you just can't drop.

Everyone has at least one special thing they must do. Something that inspires them, that makes them happy. You're on the right track if you know what that thing is. It could be something you had to put on the back burner when you came to college, or something you haven't yet discovered, but it's there. The trick is to know what you love to do and work your hardest to make it a habit.