A summer commuter permit can be purchased for $35.

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Summer parking permit policy revamped

A new, simplified policy makes obtaining a summer parking permit easy.

Ohio University Parking Services will implement a new, simplified parking permit policy for the summer quarter on the Athens campus.

The policy will help simplify the process and make the permit more accessible. Two qualifications must be met in order to purchase a parking permit. All students, including students with handicapped placards, must be either registered for summer quarter classes or be required to return to the Athens campus.

"The biggest benefit is a parking permit will be available to any registered student or those students required to return to campus early regardless of where they live," said Martin Paulins, director of Transportation and Parking Services. "Commuter eligibility requirements will be waived for summer quarter parking. This will also be helpful for those students who live in apartment complexes that don’t have their transit systems operating during the summer months."

A summer commuter permit can be purchased for $35. Commuter permits are valid in any of the purple commuter lots, but it does not guarantee parking. Student Senate helped approve the new policy to make parking more accessible for students in the summer. Commuter permits must be purchased in person at the Parking Services Office and cannot be requested online.

Students who need the permit for only a portion of the summer can return the permit for a prorated refund. Similarly, a student can purchase a permit at any time in the summer quarter for a prorated rate. A driver’s license and Ohio University student ID is required to purchase a permit. Permits may be purchased at the Department of Parking Services, 100 Factory Street.

Summer Registration

Summer registration opened on Wednesday, April 27 at 7:00 a.m. Students do not need to meet with an advisor to register for classes, however, it is recommended if students have any questions.

All information pertaining to registration and advising is available online. Information about the student OHIO ID and password is available online on the OHIO Information Technology page ( If students have any questions related to summer registration they should not  hesitate to contact University Registrar at 740-593-9602 or