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Higher One Payments, Inc. and Adirondack Solutions Partner at Ohio University

Higher One Payments, Inc., a technology and financial services company focused on the higher education market, announced today that it has successfully integrated with Adirondack Solutions at Ohio University. 

Adirondack Solutions, located in Bridgewater, N.J., is a niche software company that provides innovative solutions primarily for the college student life market.  The partnership integrates Higher One’s CASHNet eMarket online payment portal and Adirondack’s flagship product, The Housing Director, which aids in the management of college and university residential housing.

Through this partnership with Higher One, Adirondack benefits from the PCI compliance that CASHNet eMarket provides and Ohio University enjoys a simplified approach to managing student residential housing on campus.  MyHousing ApplyOnline, the application portal that Adirondack Solutions uses, is now able to accept payments from students via Higher One.  Both the student and administrators benefit because all payment information is contained in one place. As a result of this collaboration, the end user, the college or university, doesn’t have to maintain an interface. The partnership is seamless and reconciliation and balancing are managed by Higher One. 

"The Department of Residential Housing continually evaluates the services we provide to our students and looks at opportunities to enhance the student’s overall experience," said  Jneanne Hacker, assistant director for contract management at Ohio University. "By directly integrating the housing application with the on-line payment process, we have simplified and improved the overall experience for our student while streamlining our internal business processes.  This integration has also had a positive impact on Admission’s early yield numbers and has created efficiencies with our cross collaborative partners in the Bursar’s Office."

Though this was the first time Adirondack and Higher One worked together, Hacker went on to say, "This integration was seamless in transition and the implementation was effortless with the support and dedication of our partners at Adirondack Solutions and Higher One.  Upon identifying this integration as a new initiative, integration documents were prepared and effectively deployed.  The benefits of this integration were immediately realized by our internal constituents and have been recognized as being a 'very efficient and satisfactory experience' on behalf of our current and future students."

About Higher One:

Higher One Payments, Inc. is a subsidiary of Higher One Holdings, Inc. Higher One is the leading company focused on helping college business offices manage operations and provide enhanced service to students. Through a full array of services from refunds, payments, electronic billing, payment plans and more, Higher One works closely with colleges and universities to ensure students receive financial aid refunds quickly, can pay tuition and bills online, make on-campus and community purchases and learn the basics of financial management.

Higher One provides its services to distinguished public and private higher education institutions throughout the country to approximately 4.8 million students. More information about Higher One can be found at HigherOne.com

About Adirondack Solutions:

Adirondack Solutions, Inc. is the market leader in providing innovative solutions primarily for the college student life market.  They offer products for web-based room assignments, housing operations, conduct, parking/vehicle registration, conference management, guest pass tracking, and more.  With over 50 years of combined experience in higher education, the team at Adirondack Solutions knows what industry professionals need – powerful, yet intuitive software that gets the job done!  For more information, visit their website at www.adirondacksolutions.com.