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Fortune Magazine ranks Professional MBA program third 'Best Value'

People are always looking to get the biggest bang for their buck, especially when it comes to graduate education.

Now an OHIO program is being recognized for its value and inexpensive cost.

A recent article in Fortune Magazine that listed executive MBA programs that are the best values in the nation has ranked Ohio University's Professional MBA Program third overall.

This is the kind of news that Edward Yost, director of executive graduate education loves to hear. "It means we’re doing something right," Yost said.

The Professional MBA Program at OHIO is in its sixth year and is making great progress. The program brings in about 100 new students each year and is a strong competitor among MBA programs in central Ohio. 

With more than 10 MBA programs in central Ohio, Yost hopes the value the program provides will help prospective students choose it over other area programs.

"This article does nothing but positive things. This helps us look more attractive to people and is a great marketing tool, especially in central Ohio," Yost said.

The Fortune article focused on the top programs whose tuition was under $50,000. Other programs like Ohio State University's, which averages $77,000 a year, didn't make the cut.

With another school year coming to an end, Yost is happy with the success of the program and looks forward to the future.

"We set out to help provide support for an economic platform in southeast Ohio and we've done just that. We're always tweaking the program to try and make it better," Yost said.

This might include connecting students and professors through a variety of platforms, offering more online classes and continuing the education process even when professors are in other countries.