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Benefits open enrollment period underway

Deadline is May 27

The annual benefits open enrollment period has now begun. 

This year's benefits open enrollment will be conducted online. All employees are asked to participate in the open enrollment process.  Failure to participate will result in continuance of current enrollment choices except for flexible spending accounts which will be closed.

During open enrollment you have the option to enroll or make changes to your health insurance, dental insurance, and life insurance coverage, and enroll in a flexible spending account.

The open enrollment period will close at 11:59 PM Friday, May 27. Any enrollment decisions you make will be effective July 1, 2011.

As previously announced, health insurance premiums for faculty, administrators, and classified staff are increasing beginning July 1, 2011. The other major components of the university's health, dental, and vision plans plans (deductibles, copays, benefit levels, etc.) for faculty, administrators and classified staff are remaining the same for fiscal year 2011-12.

AFSCME union member should consult their union contract regarding premiums and benefit levels. NEW:  Starting July 1, 2011 the definition of an eligible child will change. 

Recent Federal health care legislation allows employees to add their children to their health plan up to age 26 regardless of financial dependence, student status, or marital status.  There will no longer be any additional charge to add children up to age 26.  Previously children aged 19-26 were required to meet certain requirements such as student status and additional premiums were charged.  Those additional premiums will now cease for children up to age 26.

Under Ohio legislation implemented July 1, 2010, employees can also purchase healthcare coverage for eligible children between the ages 26 and 28, for an additional premium.

More details regarding eligibility of adult children and the additional premiums are available here

If you wish to cover an adult child, simply list them in the dependents section of the online enrollment system as you would for any other dependent and answer the applicable questions.

You can log in to the open enrollment website

You will use your university email ID and password to enter the open enrollment website. You can log in to the open enrollment web site as many times as you wish, and make changes at any time up to the May 27 deadline.

An online "enrollment packet" with information regarding your benefit options, rates, plan design, and etc. is available.