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Summer Honors Academy takes students from high school to college

The Office of Summer Sessions invites local high school students to apply for Summer Honors Academy, which provides an opportunity to enroll in select college courses and experience life on campus.

Participating students can choose one or two regular University classes for full credit, relying on student mentors for advice, assistance and tutoring. Students also have the option to take an exploration seminar, where they can learn about college majors and related careers.

"I thought by doing this, it gets my feet in the water and gives me a chance to see what OU is like," said 2010 academy participant Matt Helm, a junior high school student from Vincent, Ohio.

The benefits are twofold, according to Pat Davidson, assistant director of Summer Sessions.  The students earn full credit for their coursework, and Ohio University has an opportunity to appeal to the best and brightest of its high school prospects, she said.

"We made the entrance requirements pretty stiff because we wanted to attract students who were fully capable of doing the work. So the Honors Academy lives up to its name. These are top-caliber students," Davidson said.

High school senior Molly McDonough earned credit in algebra while attending OHIO's Honors Academy during summer 2010. She also completed University College 190: Learning Community Seminar, alongside twelve other Honors Academy participants.

"At the beginning of the summer, I was bumming that I'd have to leave all my friends," said McDonough, a native of Granville, Ohio. "But when I got to (Athens), I realized I could see myself there in the future. (Ohio University) is at the top of my list when I go to apply for schools this fall."

The Honors Academy is open to students who have completed the 9th, 10th or 11th grades and who have earned at least a 3.25 on a 4.0 grade scale.  For complete details, visit the Academy website at
www.outreach.ohio.edu/honorsacademy/index.htm or contact Pat Davidson davidson@ohio.edu.