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Culinary Services announces new staff appointments, Culinary Support Center

Ohio University Culinary Services has announced new staff assignments in its operations as it gears up its Culinary Support Center set to open late fall 2011.

Mary Jane Jones, from Ohio University Catering and Jeff Brooks from West 82 Food Court will take on new responsibilities at the Culinary Support Center within the Central Food Facility. To ensure a smooth transition to customers, Jones will assist catering during the move and Eve Wharton, catering manager, will be handling the day-to-day activities and special events for Ohio University Catering.

The move is effective immediately, signifying the emphasis placed on the Culinary Support Center and the impact the facility will have on future production, operations and service enhancements throughout all culinary venues.

When completed, the Culinary Support Center will be a state of the art facility featuring a cook-chill system, a new direction in food production. This new system will allow for a variety of efficiencies resulting from the production of food at a central location. A cook-chill system will also enable Ohio University Culinary Systems to increase its usage of local produce as the system allows this produce to be processed in large batches and stored to maintain its freshness, when local produce is scarce.

 Set to begin operating in November, the culinary administrative team is beginning work on developing recipes, processes and efficiencies. Customers will benefit from an increase in product consistency and quality. 

Jones has been with Ohio University for more than 25 years and previously served as associate director of catering and Baker University Center retail venues. She is an accomplished cook and has been featured in dozens of national publications and earned a variety of national awards. She routinely shares her knowledge with the Ohio University community on a monthly basis through a series of Culinary Classics events, which she will continue to host.

Her new role as associate director of culinary support services will focus on overseeing production operations and recipe development at the Culinary Support Center, making her talents available campus wide.

“It is a great honor to have been selected for this new endeavor,” said Jones. “The Culinary Support Center will play a central role in years to come for all culinary venues and Ohio University and I am very excited to be a part of this project.”

Jeff Brooks will be serving as general manager at the Culinary Support Center. He has been with Ohio University Culinary Services for seven years and has served as a leader in both at Catering Services and at West 82 Food Court.

 “The Culinary Support Center will allow us to put into place a lot of what we have learned from Catering and the Food Court,” said Brooks. “We are very excited about maintaining Ohio University Culinary Services in the forefront of food production nationwide.”

Wharton has been with Ohio University Catering for seven years and has played an active role in ensuring the success of this unit. She will now lead the operations at Ohio University Catering.