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Four new members to join the OUAA Board of Directors

The Ohio University Alumni Association (OUAA) Board of Directors elected its four newest members, as three other members conclude their terms. They will serve four-year terms beginning in July 2011.

The new members are:

  • David L. Abram, BSC ’89 (Wellesley Hills, Mass.), general manager at Parksite, Inc.

  • Robin S. Bowlus, BFA ’97 (Lima, Ohio.), director of public relations at Bluffton University

  • Brenda J. Dancil-Jones, AB '70 (Silver Spring, Md.), President and CEO Dancil-Jones & Associates, Inc.

  • Lyndsay A. Markley, BA ’02 (Chicago), attorney at Harman & Fedick, Ltd.

When choosing new members for the board, the OUAA strives to achieve a balance of alumni from varying ethnicities, graduating years, post-collegiate professions and geographic locations.

Comprised of 20 OHIO graduates of varying demographics, the board represents the diversity of more than 192,000 Bobcats worldwide. Serving in an advisory role to the mission of the Alumni Association, which is to connect alumni to their alma mater, the members meet three times a year to interface with students, campus stakeholders, community leaders, legislators and alumni.

The following are the current board members retiring from their years of service at the end of June:

  • Troy J. Kirkpatrick, BSJ ’97 (Powell, Ohio)

  • Monique L. Patterson-Ceasor, BSJ ’90 (Cleveland Heights, Ohio)

  • Mark E. Simons, BBA ’86, MBA ’87 (Clarksville, Md.)