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Debra M. Benton

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Registrar announces advising and policy changes

On Tuesday, University Registrar Debra Benton sent an e-mail to all Ohio University faculty and staff regarding advising and policy changes that will begin in May.

Dear Faculty and Staff:

Implementation of a number of important modifications related to undergraduate academic processes and policies will begin in May.  The first changes are set to start soon and I want to encourage anyone who has questions to contact my office. Changes related to how students register take effect with summer registration, which is to open April 25. Changes related to advising will take effect with advising for fall quarter priority registration in mid-May of this year. Academic policy revisions relating to academic probation, course retake policy, and full-time status will be implemented this summer. Details are provided below.

With the implementation of the new student information system (PeopleSoft) we had the opportunity to review all of our existing processes and procedures.  I would like to highlight some of the resulting changes.

  1. Advisee Lists

  • These lists have been enhanced so that additional faculty and staff may access them.  For example, department chairs/school directors, undergraduate advising coordinators, and college student services staff may access the advisee lists for students in their academic units.

  • PeopleSoft does not provide a RAC, but does contain functionality that will continue to ensure undergraduate students meet with their academic advisors prior to registering for classes. The Advisee Lists will be enhanced to add a column that you, as the advisor, or someone else authorized to provide advising, will be able to “check” to indicate the undergraduate student is cleared to register.  Undergraduate students will not be able to register until they have been cleared by an advisor AND their registration access time has opened.

  • This change is effective for Fall Quarter priority registration which begins in May.

  1. Course Offerings

  • No major changes, but I would like to highlight that students will use a “class number” to register for classes.  Each section offered has a class number assigned by the system, which can be found in Course Offerings for the appropriate quarter.

  • Section codes have changed.  You will no longer see section codes that begin with an alphabetic character.  All section codes are numeric.

  1. Web Registration (how students register for classes)

  • Students will register for classes using OHIO Student Center.  Students will go to the portal (http://my.ohio.edu) and click on the Academics tab to find the link to register for classes.

  • Unlike the current system where the student can register for only one class at a time, PeopleSoft permits the student to enter multiple classes into a cart. This cart may be saved and at the student’s registration access time he/she can enroll in all classes at once. The resulting page will indicate for each class section if the student registered successfully or if there is an error.

  • Students will use this new way to register beginning with Summer registration on April 25.

Other important items:

  • Course requisites had to be manually entered into PeopleSoft.  While we have attempted to test all requisites there is a chance we missed something. Thus, if you know students are having difficulty registering for a course for which they should be able to register, please send an email to registration@ohio.edu and we’ll review and get back to you as quickly as we can.

  • These systems will look slightly different but functionality should remain the same:

  • Class Lists

  • Grading

  • Textbook

  • DARS

In June 2010 Faculty Senate passed three resolutions that affect academic policy for undergraduate students and are effective with Summer 2010-11. These policies apply to all undergraduate students regardless of catalog of entry.

  1. Academic Probation Policy for Undergraduate Students (This link will take you to the Undergraduate Catalog where this policy is explained in detail.)

Significant changes:

  • Deficiency points are no longer used

  • All students (full-time and part-time) are reviewed at the end of each term

  • Minimum accumulative GPA to be continued on probation is determined on a graduated scale based on the student’s total hours earned

  1. Undergraduate Repeatable/Retakeable Courses

Effective Summer Quarter 2010-11, the number of times that a student is allowed to retake an undergraduate course for the purpose of improving the grade will be restricted to a maximum of two in addition to the first attempt. Withdrawals are not counted as an attempt.

  1. Full-time Status for Undergraduate Students

Effective first Summer Session 2010-11, full-time student enrollment status for undergraduates at Ohio University will be defined as enrollment in a minimum of 12 quarter hours. (Eleven hours will continue to be the minimum hours at which standard tuition is charged.)

If you have any questions related to these changes please don’t hesitate to contact me at bentond@ohio.edu or registrar@ohio.edu.
Best wishes for a great spring quarter!


Debra M. Benton
University Registrar