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Environmental Health and Safety wants your feedback

Survey deadline is April 29

The Environmental Health & Safety Department (EHS) is responsible for coordinating all aspects of environmental management, occupational health, safety on campus, and implementing safety regulations for Ohio University.

It is committed to preventing fatalities, injuries, illness, and disabilities on the job and in the total campus community. The protection of its assets and maintenance of a safe and healthy campus environment is essential for productivity and excellence.

The EHS staff comprises a group of technical experts, qualified and experienced applied scientists, and administrators. Their job is to ensure that the University maintains a safe and healthful living and working environment.

The staff also leads the compliance effort on campus in order to make sure that environmental, health, and safety regulations are complied with. They provide many direct services of faculty, staff, students, and visitors and offer an array of training courses and related technical consultation.

To ensure continual improvement in their services, a link to a customer satisfaction service survey is provided at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/DJ58J6M.

Please complete it no later than April 29.