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OHIO leads MAC in RecycleMania competition

After four weeks of RecycleMania competition, Ohio University remains on top of the Mid-American Conference and is pulling further ahead. 

Ohio University is among 630 schools from across the United States and abroad competing in RecycleMania 2011. Thirty Ohio schools, including all five of Ohio University’s regional campuses, are on the roster.

Ohio University’s Athens campus is vying for the top spot in six of eight inter-collegiate recycling categories. To date, the campus is outperforming its 2010 stats in all categories, based on recycling data from equivalent weeks last year.

In week three, Ohio University’s Athens campus posted its highest diversion rate to date in the RecycleMania competition – 44.15 percent.

“That means 44 percent of our waste stream is being recycled instead of sent to the landfill,” explained Interim Sustainability Coordinator Erin Sykes.  

At the conclusion of week four, OHIO’s Athens campus had accumulated 275,798 lbs. of cumulative recyclables for 15th place in the Gorilla Prize competition. The campus is in 26th place in the Corrugated Cardboard competition, having recycled 4.70 lbs. per person.

Ohio University’s Southern campus dominated the Grand Champion competition among Ohio schools at the competition’s mid-point. Southern posted a 48.6 percent cumulative recycling rate, earning 29th place among all competitors in week five. 

For complete results, visit www.recyclemaniacs.org.

“While we are sitting pretty at the competition's midway point, this is not a time to get cocky,” warned Athens’ campus RecycleMania student coordinator James Laske. “Anything can happen during the second half. Moreover, things will not be business as usual for our campus.”

The first week back from OHIO’s spring break marks the final week of RecycleMania competition.

One way to make up for the lost week is by focusing on recycling efforts during winter quarter move-out, as more than 7,000 student residents vacate Athens campus’ 38 residence halls, said Recycling and Refuse Manager Ed Newman.
“This is a big opportunity to catapult our recycling rate this week before going into spring break,” he said.
Newman said he is pleased with the University’s progress to date, but stressed that OHIO can do better.

“Please do your part and help Ohio University shine,” he said. “It will help reduce costs and environmental problems while increasing economic opportunities for our school and region.”

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