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Residence halls get cooking and get trashy to help United Appeal

Helping out the Athens community has never been tastier or “trashier.” By selling hot food, asking for “trash to cash” and hosting events, OHIO students living in the residence halls have taken initiative to provide support for the United Appeal campaign.

"United Appeal* gives a lot back to the community and everyone can benefit from them in times of need," said Ben Schaible, vice president of Ryors Hall Council.

United Appeal for Athens County helps satisfy the basic needs of individuals and families in Athens County. Donations help 12 diverse organizations, including Habitat for Humanity, Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Athens County, The Gathering Place, as well as a new 2-1-1 service that provides a means for those who need help or want to give help.

From Adams to Wilson, all of the dormitories have participated, spearheading an effort that has raised $3,653 for the cause.
Hot dog, grilled cheese, pizza and pancake sales have been the most frequent money-raisers, with a “trash for cash” effort not far behind.

“Our department set a goal for each building to raise $1 per resident during the month of January,” said Beth Brink, Administrative RA at Martzolff Complex, which is located on South Green. “Although we fell short of that goal, it was awesome to give back to the community and get our residents involved.”

Gamertsfelder Hall participated in “penny wars,” while a “Club Jeff” and “Convo Party Jam” night were held to raise donations.

“We had water pong, Wii dance, and lots of other games to play. The theme of the party was ‘High School Clichés’ where residents could dress up like nerds, jocks, and cheerleaders,” said Ben Clemens, an RA in the Convocation Center.

On Feb. 3, South Green Residential Housing hosted a “Sound Off” at South Pole, featuring local bands and artists in support of the cause.

Overall, the University has raised $57,335 toward a goal of $85,000. Organizers hope to have 20 percent of Athens campus faculty participating, which is currently at 7.5 percent.

Staff and students living in the residence halls are happy to find a way to give back to Athens.

“This area has so much need,” said Brink. “This campaign allowed us to help take care of the county that takes care of us.”