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President announces ERIP and VESP decision

On Friday, Ohio University President Roderick J. McDavis sent an e-mail to the OHIO community announcing the Early Retirement Incentive Plans and Voluntary Early Separation Plan decision.

Dear Faculty and Staff,

The purpose of my message today is to inform you that earlier today the Ohio University Board of Trustees approved a resolution authorizing me to develop and implement Early Retirement Incentive Plans (ERIP) and Voluntary Early Separation Plans (VESP) for University faculty and staff. Having received the Board’s authorization, I have decided to proceed with offering these plans to eligible faculty and staff.

Significant research and discussion took place in developing these options, which were communicated to faculty and staff on February 21st. We took great care to offer choices that are attractive to eligible individuals while also expanding the potential to augment the University’s flexibility to transform for the future.

Information on each of the plans is available online at:

Special thanks go to Vice President for Finance and Administration Steve Golding, Executive Vice President and Provost Pam Benoit, Chief Human Resources Officer Linda Lonsinger, Director of Benefits Greg Fialko and all those who worked with them to research and develop the proposed plans.

Linda Lonsinger will issue a communication on Monday that provides additional information regarding each of the plans and their associated timelines. Please read the information carefully and access the information resources available.

In this time of dramatic change, the Board of Trustees and I thank you for your work on behalf of our students and all those who benefit from your research, creative activity, and service. Your work stands in a long, proud line of dedicated individuals who have transformed lives in this very special place. You proudly carry on the legacy of your forebears and you inspire those who will follow you.


Roderick J. McDavis