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PCard migrates to MasterCard

Current Ohio University American Express (AMEX) cardholders are encouraged to begin migrating over the next several months to MasterCard as issued by JP Morgan Chase (JPMC).

Since the University’s contract with AMEX expires this November, AMEX cards set to expire, or which are lost or stolen, will not be reissued. In coordination with your Budget Unit Manager (BUM) over the next several months, cardholders are encouraged to apply for the JPMC MasterCard at www.ohio.edu/finance/forms/pcard.cfm if an OHIO University PCard or Travel Card will continue to be needed.  

Although no new training will be necessary and transactions will map to Concur just as they do now, new applications are required as this is a new provider and issuer for OHIO University.
All cardholders should first check with their BUM to ascertain the plan for their areas or colleges with regard to timing and the logistics of card issuance.
One enhancement will be that the cards will all expire at the same time, so the issue of revolving expiration dates will cease. (For example: I’m travelling next month, haven’t used it in awhile, pull out my card and discover it is expiring soon!) The expiration date for all cards issued through JPMC currently will be June 30, 2014, with the end of the JPMC Inter-University Council (IUC) contract.  
With the upcoming introduction of BobcatBUY, the PCard will become one tool in the box of Procurement tools. BobcatBUY will, over time, become the primary portal to order most goods and services.  

Accordingly, and for increased fraud protection, PCard thresholds are limited to those on the application. Limits requested above standard choices will require detailed justification and Finance review and approval in coordination with your BUM.  It will be important to align credit limits with the anticipated spend over the course of the year as we will want to move away from temporary limit increases to the extent that the situation is not an emergency. Purchases over the spending limit should be procured through a requisition or Direct Payment as appropriate.
JPMC PCards will arrive typically within two weeks or sooner from the time that the completed and approved original copy of the PCard application is received in the Procurement Office. Again, for security reasons, the cardholder will be required to pick up and sign for their card at HDL; however, if a college or area decides to migrate en masse, Procurement Services can arrange to come to that area for an issuance, perhaps during a staff meeting or other gathering where many cardholders are expected to be present.
Please let us know if you have any questions at purchasing.card@ohio.edu.