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Easy steps to submit information and events to Ohio University Compass

Want your information in Ohio University Compass? Want OHIO to know about an upcoming event?

Announcements, the Event Calendar and Accolades sections provide important information for the OHIO community. According to a University news readership survey conducted in Spring 2009, respondents listed people profiles on achievements, by faculty, staff, students and alumni as their favorite types of stories.

 “An online publication provides a common location for University news and information, which helps to streamline e-mail traffic, reduce printed pieces, and provide a consistent voice, thus making it easier for our readers to stay informed and take desired action,” said Renea Morris, executive director of communications and marketing.

Submitting events, announcements and accolades to Ohio University Compass is easy. Follow these steps to let your fellow Bobcats learn about upcoming events or any information:

1. Before you submit anything to Ohio University Compass make sure all information is accurate and submit it in a timely manner.

2. Next, Click on the links below to submit the form to ensure that your information reaches Ohio University Compass.

Submit a professional achievement

Submit an announcement

Submit a calendar event

To submit an event to the calendar, the link is located next to the calendar’s title. An OAK ID is required for all calendar submissions. Submitting to Ohio University Compass is that simple. Now go inform the OHIO community!