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Incentivized early retirement and voluntary separation plans

On Monday, Executive Vice President and Provost Pam Benoit and Vice President for Finance and Administration Stephen Golding sent an e-mail to all Ohio University employees regarding a the Early Retirement Incentive Plans (ERIP) and Voluntary Employment Separation Plans (VESP).

Dear Colleagues:

Later this week, the Ohio University Board of Trustees will be asked to approve a resolution allowing President Roderick J. McDavis to implement a set of Early Retirement Incentive Plans (ERIP) and Voluntary Employment Separation Plans (VESP).  In advance of the Trustees’ meeting we want to share with you some of the details of those plans. 

In so doing, we emphasize that the Trustees’ approval is required before we can move forward, and some elements of the plans are still under development.

The purpose of offering ERIPs and VESPs is two-fold.

  • To provide increased flexibility in developing budget reduction plans.
  • To create an opening for units to rethink and restructure programmatic approaches, to optimize their ability to achieve their mission.

Ohio University is fortunate in having many talented employees.  Collectively, they have furthered the intellectual and personal development of hundreds of thousands of students.  With the proposed ERIP/VESP, we hope to provide new opportunities for employees to pursue their own intellectual and personal development, while creating flexibility for the institution to respond to changing budget circumstances.

While departures of personnel under these programs will pose challenges, they will also introduce opportunities for faculty and staff to exercise creativity in how we teach our students and carry out our operations. To maintain our direction as an institution, we must work together to design and implement more efficient configurations of our people, programs, and practices to meet the changing needs of our students in an environment where resources are constrained and shrinking. The reports that many of you helped generate in the university’s environmental scan process provide a starting point to focus conversation on new approaches to achieve our goals.

At this juncture, we hope to offer the following options.  Participation in any of these programs is voluntary:

  • Two ERIP options for Group I faculty
  • One ERIP option for Group II and Group IV faculty and other STRS eligible employees
  • One ERIP option for staff
  • One VESP option for Group 1 faculty
  • One VESP option for Group II and Group IV faculty and other STRS eligible employees

The options are explained in a set of documents that have been posted on the University Human Resources website (links provided below, OAK ID and password required). Please begin with the overview document. 

Until we have Board of Trustees approval, please do not contact University Human Resources (UHR) with specific questions.  We anticipate that the Board will make a decision about our proposed ERIP/VESP plans on February 25. If the resolution is passed, UHR will make staff available to answer questions and meet with employees on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule from 1:00-5:00 PM beginning on March 7.

In building the ERIP/VESP options we sought to find ways to honor the dedication and accomplishments of our faculty and staff, to meet the challenges of the present, and to prepare ourselves for the possibilities of the future.  As developments with these initiatives take place, we will keep you informed.


Pam Benoit
Executive Vice President and Provost

Stephen Golding
Vice President for Finance and Administration