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Scripps College of Communication announces appointment of Andy Alexander

Andy Alexander, veteran journalist and Ohio University alumnus, will join the Scripps College of Communication team to help bring innovation opportunities to its students and faculty.

The award-winning journalist will work directly with Dean Gregory Shepherd on creating and implementing innovation plans, with the WOUB Center for Public Media as head of an alumni taskforce to redefine and to modernize the Center, and he will serve as the Scripps Howard Visiting Professional in the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism.

Shepherd announced Alexander’s appointment today. Alexander will begin his duties in March at the beginning of spring quarter. He will perform some of them from Washington, D.C. and others from Athens.

“Andy will bring his wealth of experience to our students and faculty. His addition to our staff will benefit all of us. We are thrilled to have him with us,” Shepherd said.

Alexander will lead the Scripps College’s efforts to create a Media Innovation Center for students and faculty.  He will work jointly with the dean and with the Scripps Howard Foundation to utilize Scripps’ $3 million endowment to promote media innovations.

In doing so, Alexander will be the primary liaison between the Scripps College and the Voinovich School. He also will work to build partnerships with other parts of the University. He will focus on partnerships in public policy and strategic leadership.
“We are excited to work with Andy Alexander in his new role at Ohio University.  Bringing someone of his stature to Ohio University presents a tremendous opportunity for the Scripps College and Voinovich School to create transformative learning opportunities for students, and to work together to advance innovation in government and the communications industry,” Mark Weinberg, director of the Voinovich School said.

One of Alexander’s primary functions will be to lead an alumni taskforce redesigning the future of WOUB. This group will be comprised of alumni from WOUB and from across the Scripps College of Communication. Other members will be announced soon.

The taskforce will issue recommendations on how the Center can implement futuristic media techniques and models to better serve an expanding audience in this region. The group also will make recommendations to the director and dean about restructuring the Center to modernize its scope and operations.

Alexander will be the Center’s liaison with professional media organizations and companies to build partnership for the creation, production, and distribution of content.

“Andy has a firm grasp on the future of media and where we need to go to be relevant in the Digital Age,” Thomas Hodson, interim director and general manager of WOUB noted.

Alexander also will serve as the Scripps Howard Visiting Professional in the E. W. Scripps School of Journalism. While performing his other duties, he will be teaching specialized courses within the journalism school.

“I’m very excited about Andy teaching for us. Students who take his courses will benefit enormously from his breadth of experience in journalism,” Robert Stewart, director of the school of journalism, added.

Alexander’s vast media experience of over 40 years will be a major asset. He most recently ended a two-year term as ombudsman at the Washington Post and he wrote a weekly Sunday column for the Post.

He began his reporting career with Cox Newspapers in Dayton and was transferred to the Cox Newspapers Washington Bureau in 1976. He has reported from Washington, D.C. and from over 50 countries.

In 1997, Alexander became Cox Washington Bureau Chief overseeing 25 staffers along with six foreign and two domestic bureaus. He served in that position for 12 years.

He also serves on the board of the American Society of News Editors and has chaired its Freedom of Information Committee. He is a strong proponent of public records, sunshine laws and First Amendment freedoms.