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Brown Bag sessions address critical issues

International Women's Day Festival is March 13

The Ohio University Women's Center hosts weekly Brown Bag Lunch and Learn sessions to promote awareness, education and advocacy about women, gender and diversity among faculty, staff and students.

The lunchtime sessions serve as open forums where guests are invited to lead discussions on topics that range from relationship violence to body affirmation. They attract faculty, staff, students and community members and provide an environment that is less formal than a typical lecture.

"The lunch has a large co-curricular aspect to it. It brings scholarship into the community," said Susanne Dietzel, director of the Women's Center. "It brings feminist thought and knowledge about a woman's individuality, as well as collective identity."

Dietzel said the lunchtime sessions have been well attended this quarter. 

"It's been going really well this quarter," Dietzel said. "We've had more than 25 people each time."

In addition to the Brown Bags, on March 13, the Women's Center will host its annual International Women's Day Festival. Armed with the theme of "Equal Access to Education, Training and Science and
Technology: Pathway to Decent Work for Women," the festival will celebrate the past, present and future accomplishments of women worldwide.

"Right now we've sent out a call for proposals and the deadline is Tuesday, Feb. 22," Dietzel said. "Every year is great, but also very different from the last."

For a complete list of events and for more information about the Women's Center, click here.