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Professor named a fellow of American Physical Society

Carl Brune, associate professor of physics and astronomy, has been named a fellow of the American Physical Society* (APS), the primary professional association of physicists in the United States.
APS Fellowship* is awarded to an elite subset of members who have made distinguished contributions to physics research and to the profession. Less than one-half of one percent of the society members are singled out annually for this recognition.

According to his citation, Brune is being recognized "for his numerous, significant and carefully executed experiments which have advanced our understanding of nuclear astrophysics and the nuclear structure and reactions of light nuclei."

Brune is the latest in a growing number of OHIO faculty who have received this highly visible recognition.  Other Ohio University faculty to be named APS fellows include David Drabold, Charlotte Elster, Steve Grimes, Kenneth Hicks, Peter Jung, Daniel Phillips, Madappa Prakash and Sergio Ulloa.

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