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OHIO 'trashes' competition in Game Day Challenge

National competition reduces 500,000 pounds of waste

Among the 79 schools that competed in this year’s Game Day Challenge, Ohio University placed in the top-twelve in all but one of the competition’s five categories.

Not bad, considering the feat occurred at one of the best-attended and most solid waste-generating games of the year, according to Recycling and Refuse Manager Ed Newman.

“We dealt with the home game that had the most consumption, otherwise we would have had a higher result,” said Newman, referring to the Bobcat’s Oct. 16 homecoming match-up against the University of Akron. 

“But OU did a respectable job among all the schools," he added. "I’m sure we’re the only school who recycled the floats from the homecoming parade as well.”

Through Game Day Challenge, an initiative of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s WasteWise program, colleges and universities across the U.S. implemented waste reduction programs during a self-selected home football game in October. Schools tracked and self-reported recycling and waste data that was used to rank the schools.

In the end, more than 2.8 million fans were engaged, and more than 500,000 pounds of waste was reduced, which prevented 940 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent from being released, according to the competition website.

The greenhouse gas emissions avoided, according to the website, is equal to the carbon dioxide emissions from more than 105,000 gallons of gasoline being consumed.

In the 2010 Game Day Challenge, Ohio University:

  • Placed 5th in Per Capita Greenhouse Gas Reduction with a total GHG reduction of 18.55 MTCO2E
  • Placed 6th in Diversion Rate with 58.36 percent of waste diverted
  • Placed 7th in Per Capita Recycling with 0.399 pounds of recyclables per person
  • Placed 12th in Per Capita Organics Reduction with a reduction of 0.016 pounds of organics per person 
  •  Placed 49th in Per Capita Waste Generation with 0.711 pounds of waste generated per person

* To view complete results for the 2010 Game Day Challenge, click here.