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Student donation stations aid local communities

On and off-campus collection sites available

Trying to decide whether to take food home over winter break or throw it out? Discovering clothes that no longer fit or are never worn? Before you reach for the trash, consider another option: Donate it to those in need.

“We want to provide easy opportunities for people to do good instead of mindlessly waste when there is a great need for food and other goods going to waste,” said Recycling and Refuse Manager Ed Newman.

The collection is underway and will last through Nov. 23. Acceptable donations include non-perishable food, lightly-used clothing and other reusable items, according to Newman.

Off-campus opportunities

Students who live off-campus have the opportunity to contribute to tornado relief efforts, Newman said. Off-campus collection sites include:

•    47 Franklin Avenue
•    102 East State Street
•    111 Mill Street
•    10 Milliron Street, Apt. B2
•    28 Brown Avenue
•    85 North Congress Street

On-campus opportunities

Donation stations for on-campus students are located in each residence hall.

Items collected from the halls will be distributed by the Athens County Fair Board at the County Fair Grounds and by New Marshfield’s 4H Golden Gaits Club at the Faith Believers Ministry in New Marshfield, according to Newman.

A worthwhile cause

Ohio University students donate between 1,000 and 4,000 pounds of food each fall, according to Newman.

The end-of-year donations are even more substantial. Food donations from move-out 2010 filled half of a 53-foot semi-trailer, said Newman.

“There is a lot more than that out there to recover, though,” he added. “There is great need in our area, with people not having enough to get by, and there is huge potential to divert food that might be wasted by students leaving for six weeks.”