A study of city and environment in Edinburgh (pictured here) is one of six new study abroad programs being offered for summer 2011 by OHIO's Office of Education Abroad.

Photographer: Geoff Buckley

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Six new study abroad programs approved for summer

Six new Ohio University study abroad programs were recently approved, enabling students to spend summer 2011 in Israel, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, South Africa and Slovakia.

According to Office of Education Abroad Director Catherine Marshall, the addition of these new programs expands the opportunities for students to engage in hands-on learning while being immersed in another culture.  

“The breadth and diversity of these programs reflect the world of opportunity available to OHIO students,” Marshall said. “Each of these programs gives students the opportunity to literally treat the world as a classroom where learning is continuous.”

Israel: Cultural and political intersections

The first Education Abroad program in the Middle East, this program will explore the intersection of fiction, politics and place, and will help students gain a strong understanding of current and historical issues faced by Israel. 

Students will learn through the study of novels and short stories written by Israeli authors, through the study of the current and historical political climates in the region and through academically-based excursions around the country.

“By participating in educational tours throughout Israel and performing social service work in the heart of Tel Aviv, our students will enhance their classroom experience and gain a solid understanding of the political and geographic landscape,” said Rabbi Danielle Leshaw, director at Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life. Leshaw will be co-directing the program with Kevin Haworth.

For more information, contact Danielle Leshaw at leshaw@ohio.edu.

Screenwriting and film studies in Ireland

During this six-week summer study abroad program, students will get the opportunity to complete an internship and take scriptwriting and documentary courses at the Letterkenny Regional Center, a nationally recognized multidisciplinary arts centre in Northwest Ireland that specializes in visual arts, film and digital media.

"This program provides Ohio University students the opportunity to experience the rugged beauty of Northwest Ireland and to immerse themselves in Irish history, literature and culture,” Program Director Frederick Lewis said.

For more information, contact Frederick Lewis at lewisf@ohio.edu.

Edinburgh: City and environment

This program offers students the opportunity to study environmental
history, urban planning, urban geography and sustainability in one of Europe’s most progressive capital cities, Edinburgh. Classes will be supplemented by lectures, field trips and guest speakers

“Anyone interested in these critical issues will no doubt be interested in this program, especially as is takes place in Edinburgh, Scotland - a city renowned for its reputation as a leader in this arena," Program Director Geoffrey Buckley said.

For more information, contact Geoffrey Buckley at buckleg1@ohio.edu.

Environmental communication between legacy and transformation in the coal mining fields of the Leipzig Region

During this program, students will spend four and a half weeks in eastern Germany learning about foundations of environmental communications and journalism with an emphasis on various coal mines and brownfield sites. 

Participating students can fulfill both a Tier II requirement and a requirement for majors in journalism, communication studies or media arts and studies.

“This unique program will be particularly relevant to students who have an interest in environmental issues. We are planning this in a way that combines environmental communication and journalism with environmental geography,” Program Director Bernhard Debatin said.

For more information, contact Bernhard Debatin at debatin@ohio.edu.

AIDS in Africa

This program will give students an in-depth understanding of HIV/AIDS as well as political, religious, economic and social factors surrounding current HIV/AIDS realities in South Africa. Participants will gain experience with and an understanding of HIV/AIDS organizations and their modus operandi.

“Not only will students be associated with the prestigious Nelson Mandela University, but also they will obtain a quality experience in a location that is in the cutting edge of HIV/AIDS work,” Program Director Yegan Pillay said.  

For more information, contact Yegan Pillay at pillay@ohio.edu.

Global Consulting Program: Slovakia

The Global Consulting Program prepares students for an international business environment by giving them the opportunity to work in cross-cultural teams to complete consulting projects for real companies abroad.

Students spend one intensive week on campus to prepare for consulting work and focus on integrating business concepts and disciplines. Students then travel to their abroad location, where they are assigned a project dealing with a business problem posed by a local business.

The GCP has been successfully offering programs in various locations abroad for twelve years. This year, the program is offering eight locations, the newest of which is Slovakia.  

For more information, contact Emily Burhans at burhans@ohio.edu.