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Athens Foundation planning a Young Professionals Group

The Athens Foundation, a philanthropic organization committed to enhancing the quality of life of Athens County community members through endowments and grants, is planning a Young Professionals Group.

“The group is geared to people in the beginning and middle parts of their careers,” said Susan Urano, executive director of the Athens Foundation. “It’s an opportunity to get involved and give back to the community by creating an endowment.”

Although not all of the details have been determined, the foundation is looking for Ohio University faculty and administrators ages 25 to 45 who are interested in establishing and directing funds of a new endowment.  

Urano said the foundation’s goal is to have 200 people in the group, paying a membership fee upon joining. The amount of the fee has not yet been determined, but the money from the membership pledges would be used to establish this endowment.

Dean of Students Ryan Lombardi sits on the advisory board for the Young Professionals Group.

“I’m very excited to be on the advisory board for the Young Professionals Group,” said Lombardi. “It is important that we help cultivate a network of young professionals in Athens who are interested in contributing to the future of our great community.”

A kickoff event will be held in the spring to recruit members.

To find out more about the Athens Foundation, visit their website*.