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Strategic Enrollment Management Plan completed

Dear Colleagues and Students of Ohio University:

The Strategic Enrollment Management Plan, which spans 2010-2016, has been completed.Work on the plan began in September 2009 under the leadership of Craig Cornell, Vice Provost for Enrollment Management. Over 40 faculty, staff, and students drawn from the Enrollment Management Advisory Committee and other enrollment-related groups participated in the development of the plan.

The plan calls for carefully calibrated enrollment growth across all modes of instruction, cohorts, and campuses. The enrollment targets contained in the plan are based on detailed assessments of instructional and infrastructure capacities as well as projected demand. The capacity analysis was derived from conversations with deans and their staff that took place over the past year.  Portions of anticipated enrollment growth revenues are built into the plan to cover costs in areas where additional capacity may be needed. 

The enrollment projections contained in the plan range from modest growth on the Athens campus through more robust growth in the areas of regional higher education and distance learning.  The projections include:

  • Athens freshmen: growth of 120 students over a six year period

  • Athens transfer: growth of 120 students over a six year period

  • Graduate (predominately on-line):  growth of 500 students over a six year period

  • Distance learning: growth of 1,050 over a six year period

  • Regional campuses: growth of 1,172 over a six year period

The Strategic Enrollment Management Plan also contains a set of revenue assumptions for Athens undergraduate enrollment goals that will contribute to our efforts to create a multi-year university budget plan.

Craig and his colleagues were charged with putting together a plan that provided for smart, strategic, and sustainable growth at Ohio University. They met their charge. As a university centered on student learning, it is paramount that we carefully balance our need to generate additional resources through enrollment with our commitment to student success. The Strategic Enrollment Plan defines what it will take to create and maintain the requisite balance. 

I encourage you to read through the plan.  Both an eight page summary and the full report are available on the Vice Provost for Enrollment Management website (, OAK ID and password required).  I want to thank the many faculty and staff who worked on the plan.  A list of their names can be found below.


Pam Benoit
Executive Vice President and Provost

  • Ms. Deb Benton, University Registrar

  • Dr. Charles Bird, Vice Provost for University Outreach

  • Ms. Candace Boeninger, Interim Director, Undergraduate Admissions

  • Dr. Ken Brown, Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry

  • Dr. Brian Bridges, Vice Provost for Diversity, Access and Equity

  • Dr. Phil Campbell, Director, School of Information and Telecommunications Systems

  • Dr. David Castle, Assistant Professor, Eastern Campus

  • Mr. Craig Cornell, Vice Provost for Enrollment Management, Chair

  • Dr. Ken Cutright, Associate Dean, College of Business

  • Dr. John Day, Associate Provost for Academic Budget and Planning

  • Dr. David Descutner, Dean, University College

  • Dr. Dan Evans, Executive Dean, Regional Campuses and University Outreach

  • Ms. Kelley Finan, Sr. Mgr., University Communications and Marketing

  • Dr. Steve Flaherty, Sr. Assoc. VP, Regional Campuses and Outreach

  • Dr. John Gilliom, Professor, Political Science

  • Dr. Claudia Hale, Director, School of Communication Studies

  • Dr. Marsha Ham, Executive Director, Lifelong and Distance Learning

  • Dr. Melanie Hayden, Associate Director, Undergraduate Admissions

  • Dr. Jennifer Hines, Interim Associate Dean, Graduate College

  • Dr. David Ingram, Chair, EMAC/Professor, Physics and Astronomy

  • Mr. Mark Krumel, Sr. Dir., University Communications and Marketing

  • Mr. Ryan Lombardi, Assoc. VP for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

  • Dr. Jennie Nelson, Associate Professor, English

  • Dr. Ben Ogles, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

  • Dr. Allyn Reilly, Professor, School of Music

  • Dr. Mona Robinson, Asst. Professor, Counseling and Higher Education

  • Dr. Mary Rogus, Associate Professor, Journalism

  • Dr. Ken Sampson, Assoc. Dean, Russ College of Engineering and Technology

  • Dr. Elizabeth Sayrs, Associate Professor, Music

  • Dr. Tom Scanlan, Assoc. Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

  • Ms. Christine Sheets, Assistant Vice President for Auxiliary Services

  • Dr. Jane Sojka, Associate Professor, Marketing

  • Dr. Katherine Tadlock, Dir., Graduate Student Services, Graduate College

  • Dr. Sergio Ulloa, Professor, Physics and Astronomy, College of Arts and Sciences

  • Ms. Rebecca Vazquez-Skillings, Asst. VP, Budget Planning and Analysis

  • Ms. Rebecca Watts, Chief of Staff, Special Assistant to the President

  • Dr. Jeremy Webster, Dean, Honors Tutorial College

  • Ms. Soni Williams, Director, Student Financial Aid and Scholarships

  • Dr. Michael Williford, Assoc. Provost for Inst. Research and Assessment