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This month in the senates: October

A brief recap of the three OHIO employee senate meetings

Classified Senate

The October meeting featured presentations to the last three Classified Employees of the Month - Jill Bean (July), Patricia Palmer (August) and Deborah Brewer (September).

The senate also said that the first professional development event will be held Wednesday, Dec. 8. The current tentative focus is “How to save for your future.” Representatives from the Ohio University Credit Union and the State of Ohio Treasurer’s Office will be there to speak and take questions.

Senate Chair George Cheripko is collecting classified employees' feedback on the potential furlough policy that President Roderick J. McDavis and Executive Vice President and Provost Pam Benoit laid out earlier in the month. Many senators were curious about how a furlough could affect their pay, vacation, retirement, benefits, etc.

Classified Senate Regional Campus Scholarship winner Megan Weidig attended the meeting from Zanesville Campus to thank the senators for selecting her.

Classified Senate announced that the recent fundraiser for classified employee Kelley Jolley raised more than $4,400 to help her with medical bills.

Administrative Senate

Administrative Senate’s October meeting opened with discussion on a proposal for student recovery services, which was provided to President Roderick J. McDavis this past summer. Senate members voiced concerns about the program’s funding and encouraged surveys on the regional campuses regarding the need for recovery programming, following a presentation by Ohio University students Mary Kate Gallagher and Kristina Rose.

Senate Chair Lisa Kamody provided a recap of the recently-proposed university furlough policy. Feedback from the senate on part five of the furlough proposal was requested by Oct. 25.

Chief of Staff and Special Assistant to the President Rebecca Watts addressed the recent delay in state share of instruction (SSI). Regarding the lapse, Watts said, “We are remaining hopeful that we will get it, but we are giving reassurance to the university community that we planned for it in a very careful way.”

The Compensation Advisory Team for administrators offered an update on progress, which includes updating old PDQs, new performance management processes, and standardizing reward and recognition processes across the university. The team is currently working with Human Resources, Dining Services and Advancement.

Other updates were provided on the Resource Fair, the Environmental Scan forums, IT security seminars and United Appeal, among other news. IT Communications Director Sean O’Malley concluded the meeting with an update on the RUFUS initiative, network upgrade and Exchange.

Administrative Senate is still looking to fill out committees covering service awards, professional development, outstanding administrators and elections. If interested, contact Scott Carpenter at carpentd@ohio.edu. Committee members do not have to be senate members to participate.

Faculty Senate

M. Marnette Perry, chair of the Ohio University Board of Trustees spoke with members of the Faculty Senate about the Board of Trustees’ retreat, the outlook for the University, and then opened up the field the questions from the senators.

Many of the questions presented to Perry dealt with intercollegiate athletics.

To one such question Perry responded, “The thing that’s important about athletics is the student experience. And, as a trustee, I have to think long and hard about what benefits our students,” she said. “So it’s a long way of saying I don’t have an answer, and I’m proud of the fact that we don’t have an answer. We need to ask our students what is the right experience and make sure that Ohio University is balanced in that experience.”

After Perry, McDavis addressed the senate. He spoke about his recent meeting with the presidents of the Mid-American Conference (MAC) universities. He had brought a recent sense of the senate resolution regarding the sustainability of intercollegiate athletics funding with him to the meeting. He discussed that it was a topic of conversation, and would be discussed in further meetings.

Following McDavis, David Descutner, University College dean and vice provost for undergraduate studies, spoke on behalf of Executive Vice President and Provost Pa Benoit regarding the furlough policy.
During the Chair’s Report by senate Chair Joseph McLaughlin, the senate passed a resolution on process to determine a furlough policy.

The senate also passed a resolution on the 2010 merit-based raise-pool procedures. The vote was done by secret ballot and passed.