Scripps College Dean Gregory Shepherd addresses the audience during a ceremony celebrating the college's designation as a Center of Excellence.

Photographer: Christina Baird


University System of Ohio Chancellor Eric Fingerhut attended the event.

Photographer: Christina Baird


Student Trustee Danielle Parker, herself a Scripps student, spoke of how rewarding this honor is to current students.

Photographer: Christina Baird

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Scripps College of Communication named a Center of Excellence

OHIO has the only college of communication to receive statewide designation

On Tuesday the University System of Ohio (USO) Board of Regents confirmed what many at Ohio University have known for years - the Scripps College is extraordinary.

The Scripps College of Communication at Ohio University has been named a Center of Excellence in Culture and Societal Transformation for the state of Ohio, the only college of communication to receive such a designation.

Scripps Dean Gregory Shepherd explained the honor’s significance.
“We are well known across the country for the excellence of our programs, certainly very well known across the state of Ohio, but here comes this official designation, so for faculty and students alike for the rest of their lives they will be associated with Scripps, a Center of Excellence,” he said.

The Scripps College is exceptional in the state and the nation because of its combined breadth and excellence. It is home to professional programs, engineering-based fields of study, humanistic and social scientific disciplines, and applied arts and has already attracted more than $54 million in grants, contracts, awards, investments and donations.

Even more critically, that excellence continues to provide students with a world-class education leading them to a total of 75 national awards and recognitions.

President Roderick J. McDavis said the designation as a Center of Excellence will bring more attention to the outstanding programs at the college and bring even more notice to the efforts of faculty, students and alumni.

“The Scripps College of Communication is a great point of pride for our university. This designation from our Board of Regents reaffirms the dedication of our faculty and staff in the Scripps College, who are focused and committed to preparing the next generation of leaders in the communication industry; the high-caliber of our students, who continue to receive national recognition for their creative work and projects; and the global reach of our distinguished alumni, who are recognized innovators and entrepreneurs in the profession,” said McDavis.

The Board of Regents has received three applications for Centers of Excellence from Ohio University and has approved each of them.

“A vibrant innovation economy in Ohio is the cornerstone of competing in the global marketplace,” said USO Chancellor Eric Fingerhut. “But, it requires both cutting-edge research and a network of creative thinkers inspired by strong programs in fine arts, the humanities, communications, service, business, and interactive technology. The Scripps College and the other programs in this category help our state better compete for outside research funding, top faculty and top students by their focus on each of institution’s unique strengths.”
There is currently only one other stand-alone Center of Excellence in the USO. For Scripps, the designation affirms the high quality of faculty, their work, and the superior quality and efforts of the students who graduate.

Danielle Parker, student trustee for the Ohio University Board of Trustees and current Scripps student, said she is proud of the recognition her college has received.

“Scripps grooms us as students to be extraordinary communicators, playing its part in Ohio University being the nation's best transformative learning community. This is why I am elated to hear that The Scripps College of Communication has been awarded this distinguished honor,” Parker said. “I speak on behalf of the Scripps student body and the Ohio University community as a whole when I say that it is a privilege to know that others recognize the excellence and promise that we see and experience every day.”
According to Shepherd, the designation is not just a plaque for the wall, but an honor that will have long-lasting implications for Scripps students today and tomorrow.

“I think it has real potential to aid us in recruiting,” he said. “So that as word gets out - and I think that the state of Ohio will help spread that word about its Centers of Excellence - my hope is that a student in California who’s interested in commercial photography says, ‘I need to go to Scripps in Ohio.’ A student who is interested in broadcast journalism in upstate New York says, ‘I need to go to Scripps to do my work.’ And, that we begin to build on the national reputation that we already have to sort of solidify that Scripps brand as a college of communication, a true Center of Excellence.”

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