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Poverty Simulation to bring awareness to OHIO

College students often mention their tight finances, but few ever experience actually poverty. The Campus Involvement Center will amend that in one evening during their poverty simulation.

As part of the Campus Involvement Center’s community service efforts,  the Ohio Association of Second Harvest Food Banks has been invited to Ohio University to co-facilitate an exciting real-life event in Baker Center Ballroom A, Monday, Nov. 8  from  6– 9 p.m.  The event accommodates up to 70 participants.

This welfare simulation experience is designed to help participants begin to understand what it might be like to be part of a typical low-income family trying to survive on assistance from month to month.  The object is to sensitize participants to the realities and obstacles faced daily by persons with low-to-no income.

In the simulation, participants are given a new identity and are role-playing a low-income family member with various resources and barriers scripted for them. For example, they may play a single mother with two kids, no cash and very few assets.

The simulation families move through a condensed “month” of poverty consisting of four, 15-minute weeks. At the close of the event, there is a group reflection for students to share their experience during the poverty simulation.

The simulation is another example of the University’s continuing efforts to have a variety of campus community collaborations. These experiences, via community service, benefit the greater Athens community.  

Program participants include students, staff, faculty and community members, all gathered together to learn up-close the often chaotic world of poverty that many Americans face.  
For details about the Poverty Simulation and more community service opportunities at Ohio University visit the community service website: www.ohio.edu/communityservice or call the Campus Involvement Center at (740) 593-4007.