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OHIO reaffirms commitment the LGBT community

Dear Bobcat Family,

Tragedies among gay and lesbian youth over the last few weeks have brought heightened national attention to issues of hate, discrimination and bullying. These painful incidents have affected all of us and have had a powerful impact on the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) community.

Tomorrow is a day of remembrance and Ohio University extends its sympathies to the families and communities most directly affected by these tragedies. We reaffirm our commitment to members of the LGBT community at Ohio University and beyond. Harassment, intimidation and outright prejudice have no place in our society. We stand with our LGBT community members and others who experience these destructive acts.  Individuals who harm others through thoughtless, narrow-minded actions have no place at an institution that values civility and inclusiveness.

We call on all members of the Ohio University community to come together to support those who experience acts of hate. OHIO’s definition of diversity recognizes the strengths that emerge from our homogeneity and our differences. Promoting cross-cultural understanding has been an important aspect of the OHIO community for almost two centuries. We must reach across perceived boundaries as we prepare students for the future.

We reiterate to all members of OHIO’s LGBT community that we are committed to their safety, well being and the betterment of our society. The LGBT Center at Ohio University serves as a catalyst for these efforts. Learn more about the LGBT Center at We thank those who work diligently to build a nurturing and open learning and living environment for our students.


Roderick J. McDavis

Pam Benoit
Executive Vice President and Provost

Kent Smith
Vice President for Student Affairs

Brian Bridges
Vice Provost for Diversity, Access and Equity