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Nominations begin for Glidden Visiting Professorship Award

Nominations are now being accepted for the Robert and René Glidden Visiting Professorship Award and are due by Jan. 27, 2012.

Any member of the Ohio University faculty, with support of her or his department chair or school director and college dean, can submit a nomination.

The professorship program supports short-term academic appointments of accomplished individuals whose presence on campus will enrich the University’s academic environment.  It also introduces visitors to the strengths and resources of Ohio University.

Glidden Visiting Professors should be individuals who have made significant artistic, engineering, historical, literary, or scientific contributions. Nomination guidelines are available at www.ohio.edu/provost/apaa/glidden-visiting-professor.cfm.

“Typically the visiting professors are faculty members from other institutions or universities. However, they can be professionals outside of academia,” said Martin Tuck, interim dean of the Ohio University Chillicothe campus who helped to facilitate the award during his time as associate provost for academic affairs. “For example, a few years ago a Broadway actor came in as a Glidden Visiting Professor to work with students and faculty in the School of Theater.”

Begun in 1988 with resources provided by the University Planning and Advisory Council, Glidden Visiting Professorships are supported by a pool of funding totaling $29,000 annually.

“The number of awards that can be given depends on the quality of proposals and the level of funding requested per proposal,” said Anita Leach, executive assistant for academic affairs. “If we have five strong proposals with a cumulative budget request of $29,000 or less, we will probably be able to fund all five.”

More information is available on the Glidden Visiting Professorship website.