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Renea Morris

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Branding OHIO: Reinforcing the brand through design

A brand is only as strong as its parts. Design and graphic elements, which can make up a large part of a brand, can add as much value as words. The sum of all components of a brand, when used in a consistent manner, has the ability to reinforce the identity for your audience.

Think about the colors and images of some of your favorite products. What makes them distinctive? What emotions do they invoke? You may not realize all the subtleties that capture the special feeling you get when you see an ad for the product. You know you like it, but may not be able to articulate why.

Ohio University has certain characteristics that resonate with its different audiences. Although people may not be able to describe them, they know OHIO is special to them. Design elements used consistently create those feelings our audiences begin to think of when someone mentions the University.

Color plays an important role in communicating our brand. We have defined color palettes, both primary and secondary, to carry consistency across all platforms of communication (www.ohio.edu/brand/colors). Consistent use of color builds awareness of who we are, such as with OHIO’s colors. When creating print communications, other design elements such as rounded corners, lighting, and Athens bricks in photography, also contribute to the extension of our brand (www.ohio.edu/brand/photos).

This link, www.ohio.edu/brand, will take you to the brand website where you will find several resources that reinforce our brand.