CATS bus

CATS bus at one of its campus stops

Photographer: David Talmage

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Beyond the meter, Transportation and Parking Services

Department offers much more than parking citations

When most students think of Transportation and Parking Services they think of one thing - tickets!

While revenue from fines and citations does play a vital role in funding its daily operations and services, Director of Transportation and Parking Services Marty Paulins said his department is much more than just parking enforcement.

The department employs more than 100 students each year and offers transportation services that keep the Ohio University community on the move.
Here's a brief look at some of the services offered by Transportation and Parking Services:
•    Ohio University Airport Shuttle – For first-year international students, the Airport Shuttle service is their first interaction with Ohio University. The shuttle service offers safe travel to and from the Port Columbus International Airport and the Athens Campus. This service is also offered to out-of-state resident students.
•    CATS (Campus Area Transit Service) – Tired of trekking across campus? Take advantage of this free service. CATS runs all over the Athens Campus and offers free shuttle service to anyone who shows up at any of their stops, including students, faculty, staff, area residents or visitors to the University.
•    CATCAB (Campus Area Transportation Cutting Across Boundaries) – If you or someone you know on the Athens Campus has limited mobility or has been injured, CATCAB is there to help. The service is designed to serve students, staff and faculty with disabilities, wheelchairs, crutches and walking devices. That even includes people who recently sprained an ankle, making walking across the bricks difficult.
•    Charter Bus Services –If an organization or group has 55 people who want to go to a Bobcat football game out of town, why squeeze into 10 cars when the group or organization could rent one of three 55-person Charter Buses? Each bus is equipped with televisions and restrooms, and all the passengers will be in safe hands of a professional driver.

•    Motor Pool – Do you have a student organization that needs transportation to a convention or event? The Motor Pool offers a wide range of vehicles available to rent to anyone with a valid driver license. They have midsized and full-sized cars, two hybrids, minivans and passenger vans that can hold eight, 12 or 15 people.  Paulins said the department’s goal is to always provide the best quality service to the students, faculty, staff and community. 

"We are constantly improving our customer service through clear and constant communication with the University and community," Paulins said. "We are reaching out to open new lines of communication, to promote and inform individuals of the services we offer and any new initiatives we are currently undertaking."

Many faculty, students and staff have used the services over the years, including Carolyn Bailey Lewis, director and general manager of WOUB, who requires a wheel chair to move around campus.

"For people with disabilities, the CATCAB service is vital to this University," Bailey Lewis said.

Student Montel Smith found the CATS busses to be a huge help after he suffered an injury last year.

"I sprained my ankle playing soccer and I wasn't looking forward to walking around campus with crutches," Smith said. "Then my roommate told me there was a CATS bus stop just down the street. I ended up using it for the next couple of weeks, and it made getting around a lot easier. Injured or not, people should definitely take advantage of that service."

Paulins has some advice for those looking to avoid parking citations in the future.

"If you're ever in doubt, please call Parking Services directly," he said. "Don't rely on what someone told you."

For more information about employment or services offered by Transportation and Parking Services, visit or call 740-593-1611.