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2010 recipients of 1804 funds

2010 recipients of 1804 Fund awards, faculty research and graduate studies

“Enhancement of MOCVD Material Growth System”
Recipient: Savas Kaya, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Wojciech Jadwisienczak, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Ralph Whaley, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Martin Kordesch, Physics and Astronomy, Greg Van Patten, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Gerri Botte, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Khairul Alam, Mechanical Engineering
Amount: $30,000

Project: “Ohio University Multimedia Visual Literacy Project”
Recipient: Mark Weinberg, Voinovich School, Terrill Eiler, School of Visual Communication, David Moore, Educational Studies
Amount: $10,886

2010 recipients of 1804 Fund awards, undergraduate learning

Project: “Toward Developing the Ohio University Liberal Arts Core: A Proposal to Initiate General Education Reform”
Recipient: David Thomas, Film/University Curriculum Council, Ben Ogles, Arts and Sciences
Amount: $18,588

Project: “Vision Ohio, Diversity and Leadership: Implementation of the Undergraduate Diversity Studies Certificate”
Recipient: Jaylynne N. Hutchinson, Education Studies
Amount: $2,494

Project: “Leadership OHIO”
Recipient: Tanya Barnett, University College, Kevin Geiger, College of Arts and Sciences, Lora Clapp, University College
Amount: $11,057

“Tutoring Services Support Project”
Recipient: Michael Broderick, Academic Advancement Center, Amanda Remnant, Academic Advancement Center
Amount: $20,000

Project: “Developing Written and oral Communication Skills and Team Skills for International Students in the College of Business”
Recipient: Ken Cutright, College of Business
Amount: $20,000

“The Academic Advancement Center Computer Learning Lab Upgrade Project”
Recipient: Reuben Dlamini, Academic Advancement Center
Amount: $5,909

“Building a Curriculum for Early Field Experiences”
Recipient: Eugene A. Geist, Human and Consumer Sciences, John Henning, Teacher Education, Ginger Weade, Teacher Education, Qiuping Cao, Health and Human Services-Lancaster, Kaye Martin, Education-Lancaster, Pam Beam, Teacher Education
Amount: $16,100

Project: “Place-Based Sustainability Discourse: Using the Kanawha Model to Advance a University Dialogue”
Recipient: Nancy Manring, Political Science/Environmental Studies, Loraine McCosker, Environmental Studies
Amount: $15,886

Project: “Tutor Tracks”
Recipient: Giorgi Shonia, Science and Technology Division-Lancaster, Debra Smith, Health Technology-Lancaster, Christine Wolfe, Business Technology-Lancaster
Amount: $16,230

Project: “Charlie in the Heartland: An International Charlie Chaplin Conference, October 28-30, 2010”
Recipient: Lisa Stein, English
Amount: $10,000

2010 recipients of 1804 Fund awards, both categories

Project: “Building the Center for Law, Justice and Culture: Creating a New Intellectual Community for Promoting Student and Faculty Research”
Recipient: Joseph DeAngelis, Sociology and Anthropology, Ursula Castellano, Sociology and Anthropology, John Gilliom, Sociology and Anthropology