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Draft of Q2S Transition Student and Program Guidelines released

Yesterday, Ohio University officially released the Draft of the Q2S Transition Student and Program Guidelines. The document will be open for comments until Feb. 7.

This document is the guide and “rules” for transition degree completion plans and transition advising. The document officially describes the purpose as the “framework, policies and procedures that will be used for constructing the degree completion plans for the students who will have taken courses in quarters and will graduate under the semester calendar.” The content is of special interest to advisers and staff who will be working closely with students to complete Transition Degree Completion Plans (TDCP).

Manager of Communications for Q2S Linda Lockhart explained, “The university’s commitment is that no student will be disadvantaged by the transition to semesters in a way that causes a delay to degree completion or additional incurred cost. This is the document that provides guidance as to what can be done in finding ways to provide transitioning students with flexibility in changing from their quarters program to their semesters program while honoring that pledge . From the guidelines set forth in this document, in final form, a transition guide for students will be compiled that takes a student step-by-step through the process and what they should do, and when.”

Varieties of constituent groups have been asked to comment on the document’s content. This is an opportunity for people to get a better understanding of what the transition will actually look like and to encourage the Ohio University community to comment. Instructions for making comments are contained in the document. 

“The intentions of the guidelines are to provide the structure for how the transition students will go through the transition,” said Co-director of the Q2S transition Jeff Giesey. “We are hoping that the various University constituencies will take a look at the document to make sure we are being true to the guiding principles of the transition – especially that students will not be disadvantaged by the transition; to see if there are better ways that we could implement the different aspects of the transition; think about what potential situations will arise that are not addressed by the guidelines so that they also can be addressed.”

The document is posted on the Q2S website at: www.ohio.edu/q2s/facultyDocuments/upload/TransitionGuidelinesDraft004.pdf

The update in which the document was released was e-mailed last night. A copy of the update is here: www.ohio.edu/q2s/upload/Q2S_Update_01-24-11.pdf

Q2S blog

The Quarters to Semesters Committee (Q2S) has a new Q&A “blog.” The blog, announced yesterday, helps answer any questions students, parents, instructors and administrators might have about the Q2S transition.

It can be found here: ohioq2s.info/faculty/