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Human Resources matters: Stopping stress

Welcome back to Ohio University!  Since winter break, we have entered a new year, 2011, and we are all looking ahead to determine what the year holds in store for us.

Before we cast our eyes too far into the future, I would like for us to collectively take a breath.  Admittedly, the completion of the holidays, the reality of pressing workloads, and looming budget issues, may well create anxiety and frustration.  Should you find yourself in that state of mind, I would like you to consider the University-sponsored resources available to you to assist in times of stress.

Such University-sponsored resources include:

  • WellWorks - As you know, WellWorks is Ohio University’s wellness center that offers its members a variety of positive programs to assist with health and stress management.  You can contact them at 740-593-2093 or view their website at to find out more details about their programs.
  • Employee Assistance/Work Life Program (EAP) – As an employee of the University, you and your family members are offered many services through the University-provided EAP program benefit at no cost to you.  For more information on the many services provided through this program, please visit the UHR website at or call the benefits phone line at 740-593-1651 and select number 5 to reach a service representative at IMPACT (our EAP provider).

We might also consider that we can all reduce one another’s stress by maintaining a civil attitude, valuing our differences and treating each other with respect. Let us all choose a path that promotes health and good will for ourselves and each other.