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Pam Benoit

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Budget timeline update announced

On Friday, Executive Vice President and Provost Pam Benoit and Vice President for Finance and Administration Stephen Golding sent an all-campus e-mail informing the campus about revisions to the budget timeline.

Dear Ohio University Students, Faculty and Staff:
Those of you who followed state news in November and December know that there are no major developments to report concerning the state budget.  We hope that we will begin to hear more as Governor Kasich launches his administration and starts to address Ohio’s budget challenges. 

In December and January, we met with all of the planning unit heads to discuss budget-planning scenarios.  Our conversations were productive and caused us to reconsider the timeline that we originally created for the budget process.  What we learned from the planning unit heads convinced us that it was necessary to wait for the delivery of the Governor’s biennial budget before putting forward draft recommendations to the University community. 

We shared our conclusion with President McDavis who endorsed changing the budget timeline in response to input and suggestions from our discussions with the planning units. 

One notable result of revising the timeline is that it creates the opportunity for even more extensive participation by the University community.  The revised timeline allows us to hold two sets of university forums instead of only one and it will provide planning units more time to solicit information and ideas from their stakeholders. 

In the weeks ahead, we will do our best to keep you informed.  You will find the revised timeline at www.ohio.edu/provost/upload/revised_budget_timeline_2011Jan14.pdf.


Pam Benoit
Executive Vice President and Provost

Stephen Golding
Vice President for Finance and Administration