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Renea Morris

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Branding OHIO: Stationery can make a lasting first impression

When you receive a letter from an organization or peruse a brochure, is your first impression based on content or visual appeal? While the quality of the content is certainly important, it must be presented in a manner that piques – and keeps – the attention of your audience.

A good stationery design plays an important role in the identity of an organization and could be a key factor to differentiate a prominent institution from a mediocre one. The first impression you make with professionally designed stationery can have a lasting impact by enhancing the visibility and effectiveness of your brand.

In designing stationery suites, the logos, colors and fonts are usually the same or very similar. Letterhead, matching letter size (#10) envelopes and business cards are stationery standards. Larger envelopes (9 x 12 or 10 x 13), mailing labels and note cards could be included as well.

Ensuring that your contact information is displayed in an easy to read format is important, especially your return address. In the case of a large organization like Ohio University, multiple buildings over a large area make up this entity. Rather than adopt multiple addresses for each building, the United States Postal Service has suggested using one address  -- 1 Ohio University. Implementing this standard practice for campus settings with multiple mailing units will expedite the return mail we receive. An address without this “one address” can actually slow a letter or package to Ohio University as much as two weeks. This could be a real issue on time sensitive materials.

When placing new or reprint orders for stationery items through Printing Services: www.facilities.ohiou.edu/printing/products.php?sc=main&cid=all, you will notice this addition. To see examples of how this will appear on stationery I invite you to visit www.ohio.edu/brand/look/stationery/index.cfm.