Student demonstrates energy-generating elliptical machine

A student demonstrates the ReCardio System, which generate renewable energy by use of the elliptical machines at the Ping Center.

Photo courtesy of: Campus Recreation

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Students challenged to "Watt it up!" at Ping

Demonstration of energy-generating ellipticals scheduled for Jan. 11

Ohio University students are being challenged to “Watt it Up!” this winter, generating electricity through 20 elliptical machines connected to the ReCardio system at the Ping Center.

The ReCardio System was installed in August 2009 to generate renewable energy by use of the elliptical machines. Ping Center staff is challenging students to break last winter quarter’s record of 135 kilowatt hours.

A demonstration is scheduled for Jan. 11 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the Ping Center lobby. Individual elliptical machines will be connected to a light bulb, blender or radio, so students can witness the results firsthand. The demo will also include information on increasing resistance to increase the watts produced.  

“The demonstration will allow students to see immediate results from using the elliptical machines and the capability of the ReRev system as it convert kinetic energy to electric power," explained Ping Center Director Hafedh Benhadj. "And of course we want to beat last year’s winter kilowatts and further promote the sustainability concept on campus.”