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Richard Walker

Richard V. Walker

Photo courtesy of: Walker family

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Emeritus professor dies at 92

Richard Walker taught microbiology/zoology

Richard V. Walker, Ohio University professor emeritus of zoological and biomedical sciences, died in Marietta on Dec. 9 at the age of 92.
A native of Pueblo, Colo., Walker joined the university as an associate professor of zoology in 1967 and earned numerous awards and honors during his academic career.

A couple of Walker's longtime colleagues in the Department of Biomedical Sciences shared their memories of him.

"Dick always seemed ageless in that he could relate with everyone," said Associate Professor of Biomedical Sciences Edwin Rowland. "He was classically trained and had a great breath of knowledge and interest. So much so that his teaching load was so diverse that when he retired, he couldn't be replaced with one person. Dick loved to teach and interact with students and faculty in the academic setting."

Another colleague, Professor of Biomedical Sciences Bill Romoser, said calling Walker colorful would be an understatement.

"He gave the distinct impression of living every moment to the fullest," Romoser said. "He was good-natured, kind and had a great sense of humor with a twinkle in his eye."

Romoser added that Walker's academic work in immunology, virology and epidemiology was well respected.

"Dick was a good professor and lecturer who was well-liked and respected by students and colleagues," Romoser said. "He prepared elaborate and instructive lab experiences for students.

"Dick most certainly deserved the title of 'Renaisance Man' because he was a skilled mechanic and builder. When he wanted a house in California -- he built it. When he wanted a boat -- he built it. When he acquired old pump organs in disrepair -- he made them work again, When the family car or any of his sundry motorcycles were broken down -- he fixed them."  

In his spare time, Walker enjoyed motorcycling, model railroads, fishing, and playing the accordion, organ, piano, harmonica, and guitar.
Walker is survived by two daughters, a son and six grandchildren.