KegFLY, Zac Sebo, Maxx Blank

KegFLY campus partners Maxx Blank (left) and Zac Sebo (right)

Photo courtesy of: KegFLY


Student using KegFLY website at campus promotional event

Photo courtesy of: KegFLY

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Alumni working hard to put KegFLY on the map

Site offers savings to students

In its first four months of operation, KegFLY has offered 25 successful discount deals to Ohio University students and has reached an online audience of nearly 6,000.

The company also has expanded to 10 other colleges and universities, including Ohio State University and the University of Dayton, but business partners and recent Ohio University alumni Zac Sebo and Maxx Blank said they're still not satisfied.

"Never get satisfied," Sebo said. "When you're satisfied, that's when you start slacking off."

KegFLY, a collective buying website exclusively for the college market, launched at Ohio University in September 2010. KegFLY offers discount deals from 50 percent off or more to students and has signed contracts with 21 businesses around Athens.

To participate in featured deals, students must log on to the KegFLY website using their Facebook login and credit card information. A minimum number of buyers is needed before a deal becomes active. Once the minimum is met, students will be able to print their voucher from the KegFLY site or receive it via text message. If the minimum is not met, students' credit cards are not charged and the deal is canceled.

Past deals featured on KegFLY include vouchers for O'Betty's, Brenen's Cafe, Inhale Yoga Studio and Attractions Salon.

Reflecting on the early successes of the business, Sebo said that the experience of running his own business has exceeded all of his expectations.

"We've been very successful so far; every deal that we've had has gone through. But we're only about 50 percent done at OU, we've still got work to do," Sebo said.

Some of the business' goals this quarter include increasing sales, featuring a new deal each day and continuing expansion to other schools. Their biggest goal is to continue engaging and expanding KegFLY's user base.

"Our overall goal is whenever a college student is talking about something on campus, we want KegFLY to come up in that conversation. We want to be the go-to spot for students on deals, loans, textbooks, everything," Sebo said.

Blank added that he wants KegFLY to help make students' lives "100 percent better at 50 percent cheaper."

So what can students expect to see from KegFLY this winter? Blank said that KegFLY will continue to deliver great deals to students, host events on campus and will be developing some new features for the business.

"It's going to be everything that we did last quarter but better," Sebo said. "We're going to be doing more collaborative efforts with student organizations; we're going to try to bring concerts to campus; and we're going to be offering a lot more of a variety on deals."

To check out the latest KegFLY deal visit their website, or join them on Facebook and Twitter.